Envision Comanche

In 2018, the Tulsa Housing Authority (THA), through the support of philanthropy partners and several community and governmental organizations, dedicated significant resources to develop the Envision Comanche Master Plan. Their objective was to transform the Comanche Park planning area into a mixed-use, mixed-income community while ensuring a strict one-for-one replacement of all existing units. The overall goal was to highlight, enhance and improve economic and cultural diversity in the area surrounding Peoria Avenue and 36th Street North in the Phoenix District of North Tulsa. This development effort also ties into local efforts to bring about increased positive social and economic change in North Tulsa, headed into the eve of the tragic 100 year anniversary of the 1921 Race Massacre that caused great historical upheaval for many of North Tulsa’s citizens of color.

The Plan encourages the creation and maintenance of an economically and socially diverse community that will be stable over the long term. The values guiding the planning process and its results go beyond simply improving the neighborhood for economic gain. The Plan focuses on the people who form the North Tulsa community, and the history and culture of this community. Special emphasis is placed on neighborhood efforts and programs to maximize resources and promote collaboration to improve the quality of life for Comanche Park residents and other North Tulsans. Residents, community groups, local businesses, planners and those passionate about Comanche Park and the North Tulsa area have undertaken the comprehensive planning needed to transform the area into a more vibrant and resilient mixed-income community that supports positive outcomes for all its residents.

Project Credits

Project stakeholders:

The families and residents of the Comanche Park public housing subdivision

Tulsa Housing Authority

City of Tulsa

Members of the Community Advisory Group

The Phoenix Development Council Neighborhood Association

George Kaiser Family Foundation

Design team members:

Tulsa Housing Authority – Project Management Co-Lead, Jeff Hall, Project Manager; Cassandra Love, Community Engagement Manager; Yannick Alphonso-Gibbs, Community Development Manager

Camiros, Ltd. – Project Planning, Management Co-Lead, Adam Rosa, Project Manager; Benjamin Corpuz, Project Planner

City of Tulsa Planning Office – Municipal Planning Coordinator, Theron Warlick, Project Planner

KAI Architects – Architect and Design Lead, (African American Owned MBE), Maurice Thames, Project Architect

Blue Star Integrative Studio Inc – Neighborhood Working Group Lead, (Native American / Latino Owned MBE), Scott Moore y Medina, Project Planner

Vireo – People Working Group Lead, (Women’s Business Enterprise WBE), Triveece Penelton, Project Planner

Randall Gross / Development Economics – Residential Market Analysis, Randall Gross, Market Researcher

Community Engagement Assistants – NaDean Kaulity, Comanche Park resident; Sherry Pressnell, Comanche Park resident; Brandy Pike, Comanche Park resident