2016 SEED Honorable Mentions

Ghana International Design Studio: Playtime in Africa

ghana playtime img

Location: Accra, Ghana
Team: Mmofra Foundation; Ralph Sutherland; Biofilcom Engineering; North Carolina State University, College of Design; NCSU Landscape Architecture student team: Briana Outlaw, Student ASLA, Assoc. AIA; Jared Kaelin, Assoc. ASLA; Manpreet Kaur, Student ASLA; Rachel Wilson, Assoc. ASLA; James Mitch Caldwell, Student ASLA; Todgi Dozier, Student ASLA

Jury Comments: Student design project commended for excellence in academic/university category. Valuable student experience and education. Addresses situation that Ghanaian children being focused on academics at the expense of play and experiencing the outdoor environment. The project appears to be very inclusive. If successful, it could have a very important impact and could be adopted elsewhere. The project could be strengthened by more details and providing metrics for success.


Carrick Dairy District

carrick img 1

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Team: Desmone Architects, Charles “Chip” Desmone, AIA, Terry Oden AIA, Hannah Grey, Tory Barney, Andre Clarke, Anthony Boyd; Project stakeholders: Greg Jones – Economic Director, Economic Development South; Stephanie Miller – Manager of Projects & Initiatives, Economic Development South; Carol Anthony – Carrick Community Council, Carrick/Overbrook Historical Society; John Rudiak – Carrick Community Council, Carrick/Overbrook Historical Society; Becky Gallagher – Marking & Business Development, Colteryhan Dairy; Carl Colteryhan – Owner, Colteryhan Dairy; Kryn Hoyer-Winfield – Project Manager, Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh; Natalia Rudiak – Councilwoman District 4, City of Pittsburgh; Ashley Holloway – District 4 Neighborhood Planner, City of Pittsburgh; Ashleigh Deemer – Chief of Staff, Office of Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak, City of Pittsburgh; Thor Erickson – Community Programs Manager, Design Center Pittsburgh; Chris Koch – Director of Programs, Design Center Pittsburgh; Darla Cravotta – Special Events Coordinator

Jury Comments: Recognition of a historic community assert and leverages it to promote economic development to address a context of diminishing economic vitality. Brings people together through a locally based economic activity. However the community participation was a little vague. There was an absence of environmental issues. Not sure if the reliance on anchor industry in the end, although great to focus on historic industry.

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